Back in business

It’s so easy to lose sight of it all, sometimes. This has been my world for the past 3 months, constantly scratching my head, questioning the entire ride. Am i a good teacher? Have i lost it? Did i ever have it? I’m sure i did, but am i getting too old for it now? Such thoughts are not only exhausting, but are and were debilitating. But it is amazing how life moves in cycles, sometimes forcing me to take stock, to improve, to reconnect. Even though the cycle is seriously skewed, with way more positive than not, when the darkness takes its turn, there literally is no light, and oxygen seems to disappear. Alas, the students again become my resuscitation, feeding me with their energies, albeit masked in teenage peer apathy.

Coming up for air, thanks to the students at Paignton Academy, who prove to me that everyone is special, and have reinvigorated me as a teacher and a person. Muchas gracias amigos.

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