professional development

Is your CPD hitting the mark?

Is your CPD hitting the mark? Do you know if your staff are getting what you want them to get? For lots of teachers CPD has been a large thorn in their side. But there are reasons for the barriers: teachers feel like they are shoved into sessions that aren’t suited to them, and perhaps […]


CPD is a hobby of mine

For me, CPD is a hobby. I came across an interesting tweet today I know the post was set up to spark debate (thank you @debatED), but I was surprised by the percentage that selected ‘disagree’ in the poll. But I am of course biased, because for me, CPD is a hobby, so I don’t care […]


Pragmatic Marking

Here are some thoughts on marking, an incredibly time consuming business. The strategy developed is in response to a very time starved teacher: myself. I call it Pragmatic Marking. Marking has one purpose and one purpose only: to assess progress on a task that requires independent thinking. Marking work where students could potentially simply be […]