Month: May 2017

Education is like religion

Organised religion and education I went to an all boys Catholic school in Australia. I was Catholic. There was little chance of anything else. At certain times I was reasonably devout: sometimes using chapel services seriously; careful not to blaspheme; even being passionately reflective when seeing a storm brewing on Good Friday. I knew the […]


Restoring the Love of English

For me, one of the most powerful strategies in the English classroom is getting students to write. Analysing texts is extremely important, but getting students to experiment with words themselves seems to enhance their ability to analyse other peoples’ writing. There are numerous activities included in the resource below that can be used as starters […]


The Great SATS Dilemma

My third and final daughter is about to begin her Yr 6 SATS tomorrow. And I’m really wondering whether or not she should even try to do as well as I know she wants to. That may seem like a ridiculous thing to say, and of course it is, but I only say it because […]