In case you forgot – how to behave on Twitter

In case you forgot – how to behave on Twitter


It seems to be increasing: anger on Twitter. So I thought it necessary to remind people that that’s not really how it should be.

Everyone is passionate, and coming across opposing ideology can be difficult. It can lead to those passions boiling over, and sometimes to inappropriate tit for tat. But can I ask those who engage in such arguments whether there is ever a positive outcome to the fray? I’m yet to see anyone inside one of these conversations give any ground, to acknowledge the other side to the point that their mind is changed.

So if the result never changes, why get involved? Well we all know that constructive argument can lead to growth, but considering that very few of these interactions actually penetrate the most important issues in education, I really think it’s time to show a little more humility.

Once things start to get a little heated, be mature and take the conversation into the private setting – we don’t need or want to see it unfold.


And if I hear you say that some do, well that’s hardly encouraging – in fact it’s a slippery slope to sadism.

I’m @edmerger

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