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The Great SATS Dilemma

My third and final daughter is about to begin her Yr 6 SATS tomorrow. And I’m really wondering whether or not she should even try to do as well as I know she wants to. That may seem like a ridiculous thing to say, and of course it is, but I only say it because […]


The Great Teachers’ Pay Scam

Teachers are paid like amateurs It seems almost arrogant to be complaining about pay rates for teachers as we enter a 6 week paid vacation. Indeed, the cries from the general populace are palpable. Of course the argument is always blurred by the general population’s bias, entrenched from their own miserable schooling experiences. However, I […]


There are smarter ways teens should use social media, this 16-year-old expert says. Here’s how

See on Scoop.it – constructivism: the lost art of learning Patrick Mott makes the case for teaching all teenagers about harnessing the knowledge and networking power of social media Paul Moss – teacher, learner‘s insight: adult guidance and trust of students will unleash the power of social media for learning. See on http://www.theglobeandmail.com