internet – the liberator

See on Scoop.itconstructivism: the lost art of learning

Long live the collaborative collective intelligence the internet functions by –  before capital gets in the way

Paul Moss – teacher, learner‘s insight:

The development of this extraordinarily powerful technology has in fact depended on a mass of informal, innovatory, intellectual activity – ‘hacking’ – on whose creativity commerce constantly draws even as it criminalizes it. It was precisely out of capital’s inability to contain such activity that there emerged the astounding growth of the Internet. This is surely the quintessential institution of ‘general intellect’. For, despite all the admitted banalities and exclusivities of Internet practice, one at moments glimpses in its global exchanges what seems like the formation of a polycentric, communicatively-connected, collective intelligence. (Dyer-Witheford 1999: 498)

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