Become a story now – but make sure it’s your own

Being yourself. There can be no more important lesson than this. Forget about Maths, English, Science, Technology. They are all pointless unless students understand this most simplest of lessons. Yet in our society, we give away this power so easily. We willingly believe that others have more than us, that they are somehow better, more successful, wiser, smarter. Why?

There are two types of Twitter users: one who uses it to garner professional ideas and develop diverse resources, and another who uses it to promote personal agendas. For the latter, Twitter becomes a seedy smoke-filled dim lit den of iniquity, a place where people play with their self-esteems and personal confidences with reckless abandon, sometimes with a poker face, sometimes showing their whole hand, sometimes betting their life savings. These types of users are the ones who every day find themselves trying to attract a certain ‘famous’ tweeter, soliciting reaction to a comment, trying to be a part of the in crowd, replying to comments that have no interest to them other than advancing their own cause/brand. These are the users you see coming out of long posting sessions looking left then right and over their shoulders. These are the ones you should not turn your back on.

How do I know? Well because I’ve walked this path my friends. As a new comer to the Twitter universe I found myself desperate for attention, addicted to the sound of my email service teasing me to the possibility of an interaction to a comment, a direct message, or, the grand daddy of them all, a follower. I sometimes found myself replying to people’s comments because I thought it would gain me a connection, all the while if I met this person outside of my Tweet deck I wouldn’t have any interest in them, or their ideas. My obsequious behaviour justified in my mind, to promote me, to further my business. The dark clouds amassed, the room became dimmer, the spluttering and coughing from my chest warning me that the thing beating wasn’t right.

Such condition made me consider and reflect. It couldn’t go on like that. I realized that the only time I ever really felt at ease using Twitter or any other social media or communication was when I forget about agenda, and was just myself. A moment of enlightenment. A moment of inner wisdom, desperate to emerge. And it did. Since then, I have made this my religion. And you know the funniest thing always happens now – when I’m myself, I receive more interaction. Hope I can stay so strong.

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