content curation, money, and change

Content curation and tailoring it to specific needs will become a key skill required by future teachers, of that I am sure. Why? Well professional development becomes attractively cost effective in such a process, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my years of teaching, is that money and budgets are powerful influences on change.

Soon enough, large institutions will realise that the most effective professional development (PD) happens through networks, networks accessed through social media. More PD happens on Twitter for example in one night than a teacher probably gets in a year through conferences etc. Presently, departments of Education around the world spend phenomenal amounts of money of PD, yet they know that the majority of teachers who such development is aimed at gain little from it, and would say the money would be better spent on services. Yet they must provide the opportunities to satisfy current theoretical understandings about teacher training and learning.  It’s a logical sequence that when budgets are looking to be cut, that PD, when it can be gained elsewhere, will suffer the chop.

Not all face to face conference style PD is irrelevant. In fact, attending conferences can be incredibly inspiring and invigorating. But spending a day at a smaller scale workshop and taking in information over 7 hours that you could have received in 1 hour (or 15 minutes ) just isn’t efficient, and when organisations configure a method to monitor personal PD, we may never see such waste again.

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