Why this blog exists?

Education is not easy, but like anything worth working at, it is a truly rewarding business. This blog is a transcript of my thoughts as I evolve as a teacher and learning designer, and indeed as a human. I find that writing about education helps me to refine my thoughts and pushes me to clarify my thinking. The public aspect of the blog forces me to ensure that what is presented is more than simply opinion, but research and experience driven, logical, and applicable to a range of contexts. Having said that, each post is presented as a hypothesis, a testable conversation that is open to change when experience dictates, and humble enough to realise that it is illusory at best,  delusional more realistically to believe that what is being presented is the source of all of the answers to the education debate.
I am continually amazed by how much education affects me. I have no doubt that it affects you equally as much, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Looking forward to thinking more about education with you. Please follow this blog to keep the conversations flowing.

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